Hey there! I’m Franny, born and raised in Seattle, Washington and coming to you live from my own personal little cave. I’m new in town here at VGCC, and I can’t wait to entertain and mystify and work with some really dope people.

My day job involves concrete and paperwork, but I also take photos, sometimes talk about wrestling, and write—about games, movies, poetry, science fiction, you name it. Got my degree in communications, and they actually let me write my honors thesis on video games and nuclear war. Someday I’ll produce and publish my own text-based game. I used to occasionally write articles about professional wrestling, and now I’m taking my first step into writing about video games. Most of the time I find myself asking: “But is it gay enough?” 

I was raised on video games, to be honest. I have an intense fondness for mid-late 2000s jrpgs, and once spent three days playing Tales of Symphonia nonstop with a few high school friends. Star Ocean is one of my favorite series, and everyday I wish for a sequel that doesn’t suck. I hold an almost religious affinity for the Metal Gear Solid games. I’m a Harvest Moon connoisseur. I’ve been playing World of Warcraft on and off for sixteen goddamn years. That’s just the tip of the iceberg—video games have been an enormous part of who I turned into and what makes my heart pound.    

When I’m not trying to become a loremaster for Destiny, or endlessly comparing things to Metroid Prime, I’m on the lookout for non-AAA narrative driven games—smaller games made by teams of people who take care of each other. At the end of the day, I want to dig down to the heart of why video games are significant, in the big and small sense. I want to see the ugly, the weird, the beautiful. I want to see little shapes move around on a screen. I want to read and hear lines that are so thoughtfully composed that it makes me angry that I didn’t think of them first. 

Can’t wait to embark on this experience with the rest of the crew, and I hope you all enjoy what comes out of it. If you want, you can connect with me on Twitter (@arealgoldmouth) about pretty much anything, but especially story, and lore, and if it is—indeed—gay enough. 


About Franny

Hey there, I’m Franny!

She/they, from Seattle, been playing games and writing since I could hold things. I love games that give me the option to be mean, even though I always end up choosing to be nice.

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