Ahead of the official release in the newest issue of Gameinformer, a large amount of info regarding Final Fantasy XV has leaked out through NeoGAF and GameFAQs. The leak includes a lot of info on new features in the game and changed mechanics from older games. It also clarifies the game’s beginning and the different roles the main characters play.

Some notable tidbits include details about the game’s four quest types (for fun, main story, monster hunts, and regional quests), the fact that summons might not have the same behavior every time, and the game has been set for its September 2016 release date since December of 2013. It also includes some interesting revelations about the four main characters, namely that they have “special talents” like photography and fishing that improve with use.

There’s also a statement by director Hajime Tabata that there is “no intention” to create sequels out of Final Fantasy XV. This makes sense, considering the game as it is will have to sell quite a few copies to be considered a success. Nonetheless, there’s going to be plenty of FFXV content already with the anime and upcoming movie. Hope you like cars full of anime boys!

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