Fable Legends may be the smartest decision Lionhead studios has ever made. The 4 vs. 1 multiplayer gameplay is becoming more and more familiar with games like Evolve but Fable Legends looks to slot into a unique console position, the free to play space. Legends will be free to download on PC and Xbox One when it releases later in 2015 and unlike the more common free to play games, this one won’t have those annoying crystals and wait times. Like League of Legends, Fable Legends will have a rotating set of heroes anyone can play with and will only charge to unlock other heroes or to use cosmetic items for your heroes. This may make Fable Legends the first major free to play game with this business model on the current generation of consoles when it releases. With a price tag of free, Fable Legends will need a large player base in order to make money, but luckily it is designed for Windows 10, which means cross-platform play. They’re already preparing for a large beta, which I’m hoping to get into, and will have a story mode featuring quests and seasons.

Lionhead is ready for anything it seems. My opinion has completely turned around on this game. It seemed like a cheap cash in on an established franchise and now seems more like an intelligent business decision. Turning a recognizable name into a modern video game design that does so well for Riot Games and Valve. Even if Lionhead only grabs a small piece of the free to play pie I hope they make an impact. Seeing only two games do well while others flounder can get old pretty quickly.

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