We’re in a renaissance era of medieval combat games, with For Honor and Mordhau making waves in the online multiplayer space. Today, as part of PCGamer’s E3 Show, Chivalry II will be joining the ranks, succeeding its predecessor, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Unlike the more one-on-one focused fights of For Honor, Chivalry sought to capture the large-scale battles of the middle ages, and Chivalry II will continue that vision with large-scale 64-player battles, featuring multiple classes, siege weaponry, and of course, castles.

I spent a scant few hours in Chivalry‘s nuanced (and admittedly janky) melee combat system years ago, and quickly learned how overpowered crossbows are as a weapon in medieval times. I’m looking forward to seeing the revelation of projectile weapons all but surpassing slower melee weapons in the sequel.

Chivaly II is slated to release early 2020, and you can watch the announcement trailer below.

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