The full moon hangs ripe in the dark sky. The stars twinkle as diamonds on black velvet. The night is empty and quiet; obscured by dust and fog. A candle is lit. A procession silently shuffles forward through the void; black robes gather between grasping, skeletal trees. Vows are spoken, prayers quietly chanted. Somewhere, a glass of wine spills, a child coughs. Deep in the cosmos, the dark god awakens. After almost twenty years, Bubsy makes his return.

No one can truly say how this happened. In a bare-bones press release, publisher Retroism announced that Bubsy: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind and Bubsy 2 will be re-released on PC as The Bubsy Two-Fur. The package will go through Steam Greenlight, and will be $4.99 once approved by the community. Retroism has also launched a #SaveBubsy campaign to build support and decide who lives and who dies upon The Great One’s return.

Voting is already open on Steam for those who wish to pledge themselves to the Almighty Bubs. Assuming the faithful execute their task, The Bubsy Two-Fur will release “late 2015,” which means we may be getting this double dose of Bubsy sooner than we can prepare for.

Bubsy’s last “game” was the 2013 Bubsy 3D: Bubsy Visits The James Turrell Retrospective by Arcane Kids, now known for Sonic Dreams Collection. However, won’t it be nice (retching noises) to see some classic Bubsy return to the limelight? After all……what could PAWSSIBLY go wrong?

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