Unfortunately, we had out guest for the week pull-out on us, so that means we’re back to regularly scheduled programming for Chooch 91! We still have no jokes, but that’s okay, because we played some video games! Mike’s been making videos, Niall and Ryan broke our moderation app, and wrestling is still bad. Niall’s fallen down the amiibo hole, and Jonathan’s played Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls! We tackle the news, discuss China’s emerging role in video games, and take listener questions on comics, Metal Gear, our collective lack of dress sense, and John Michonski Memes.

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About Niall

Niall is the last remaining emo kid and can usually be found hiding from Michael Myers in Dead by Daylight or waiting in vain for fights in DOA6.

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Ceasefire In Gaza Now

In lieu of news we usually cover and in solidarity with boycotts and strikes, here’s information and resources about the ongoing genocide in Palestine.

Published: Jan 27, 2024


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