Lauren is out this week, meaning that Chooch 75 is attempt number two at Boys Night (and this time it’s actually getting released)! Crimp, Kip and Wink meet up for a chat about Duke Nukem and… not a lot else, really. Niall watched Bratz: The Movie, and we talk Andy Dick after Niall’s roommate tries to ruin the show, John has an existential crisis and floods his bedroom over his giving WWE Supercard four stars, and Mike takes over the show. Really, John gave WWE Supercard four stars. I know, crazy, right? Plus, we hit the latest news, talk about Valve’s huge modding kerfuffle, Deep Silver taking over the AA space, how much Konami sucks, John fucks Tak Fujii, we fight in our lowriders and Mike reads some poetry.

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About Niall

Niall is the last remaining emo kid and can usually be found hiding from Michael Myers in Dead by Daylight or waiting in vain for fights in DOA6.

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