At one point, today, April 26th, was Uncharted 4’s release date. Then again, it was originally slated for March of last year before being delayed to March of this year, then to April, and now to its real release date of May 10th. Seems that these multiple delays were a bit confusing to some major retailers who were suddenly shipping and selling copies.

Reports have been coming in that people are walking into stores, CeX electronic stores in the UK to be specific, and buying copies of Uncharted 4. Others are getting emails from Amazon claiming their game has been shipped and will arrive tonight. And even RedBox tweeted about Uncharted 4 coming out today. Amazon did send out emails clarifying the release wasn’t until May and most of these screw ups seem to be happening in Europe.

Seems that not only are retailers getting their stock of the game early, they’re already putting them on shelves. Most of the time these games are shipping and packaged in boxes that label the release date right on them. Some stores have been known to refuse sales through their register if it isn’t the correct date. Even so, Uncharted 4 is out and about in the wild and that means, with two weeks to go, anyone who wants to avoid spoilers should seal themselves up in a cave now.

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