The Google Stadia is officially declared dead. But honestly, who expected otherwise? At the very least, Google is issuing refunds for all customers of their game purchases. Customers currently on the Pro subscription will sadly not get refunded for previous billing, but should expect no further charges to be made to their accounts and can continue to use the Stadia like a standard free user until the service’s official shutdown into next year, January 2023.

In other goodbyes, BlazBlue creator Toshimichi Mori leaves Arc System Works. He has been with the studio for almost 20 years, and has extended his gratitude in a full farewell statement he posted on Twitter.

G2 Esports’ co-founder Carlos Rodríguez has resigned from his position following the reveal of his association with controversial personality, Andrew Tate. G2 Esports is a large esports organization based in Germany. Tate has been the ire of criticism due to his very public displays of misogyny, on top of ongoingly facing allegations of misconduct.

Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim is pulling Blade Runner: Black Lotus and Shenmue: The Animation from its official programming lineup and HBO Max. The series will still be available on Crunchyroll, but a representative further adds on that Shenmue will not see a second series despite it’s relative success.

Ubisoft’s pirate game, Skull & Bones, has been delayed again. The game was first teased back at E3 2017.

Remember E3? The green light has been turned on for E3 2023, which will be happening in Los Angeles, CA and will be open to the public in June of that year. The show will be returning as an in-person event at Los Angeles Convention Center. ReedPop acquired the show last year.

Netflix announced an anime adaptation of Onimusha. Studio Sublimination is credited for its production and key staff members include Takashi Miike in the Chief Director role.

A copy of Pokémon FireRed has sold for over $3,000 at an auction. WataGames gave this particular copy a high condition rating of 9.6 on their scale.

New Pokémon drop! Behold, the Wiglett. Pokémon Scarlet & Violet is still due for a release this fall.

Seth Kearsley, an animator who was behind a potential, animated Kingdom Hearts series that was pitched to Disney is looking to digitize his VHS copy of animatic. The pilot was previously considered lost media due to only evidence of its storyboards having been preserved.

HBO’s serial adaptation of The Last of Us officially now has a teaser. Much to our chagrin, Neil Druckmann is still decently involved with the show’s production and has written for some episodes. Bruce Straley’s involvement with the first game is also interestingly absent from the teaser.

Official Teaser for HBO's adaptation of The Last of Us

A reveal trailer for Wild Hearts, Electronic Arts and Koei Tecmo’s own answer to Monster Hunter, has been released.

And in other trailer drops, Overwatch 2 also now has an official launch trailer. Yeah.

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