Nintendo expert and Twitter user Emily Rogers Tweeted today that a new Paper Mario game is expected to release soon for Wii U. Her Tweets are as follows:

Normally something like this would be baseless, but Emily is a reliable source, and there was a supposed Intelligent Systems brochure leak last year, detailed in this NeoGAF thread.

If Emily’s information is true, this Paper Mario game should release very soon, possibly before E3. This also seems to point to a Nintendo Direct in the coming days to announce this game. It’s funny that Paper Jam just released today in the US, but there’s already talk of Paper Mario appearing in a new title.

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  1. I really want a good Paper Mario in the style of the original or Thousand Year Door cause those are both super good games. Super Paper Mario wasn’t, like, terrible or anything, and it definitely had its moments (Peach and the nerd lizard dude is probably one of the best things to happen on the Wii), but it wasn’t great. And Sticker Star was just a wreck that felt like it was missing all the charm of the other games and also just didn’t feel very fun to play and just makes me sigh very deeply whenever I think about it. I vaguely recall hearing that part of the reason Sticker Star had no significant plot or characters or anything was Miyamoto insisting that Mario games didn’t need story or something like that. I don’t know if that’s true, but hopefully the same thing doesn’t happen with this cause the cast and dialogue was part of what made Paper Mario games so charming and Sticker Star was a worse game for not having it.