While many websites are currently abuzz about Kojima’s departure from Konami, he’s not the first big name producer to leave the company. Over a year ago, Koji Igarashi aka IGA, long-time producer of the Castlevania series, left the company for similar reasons stating that he wanted to “have the freedom to make the kind of games [he] really [wants] to make” as the main reason for leaving. Now it seems he’s getting ready to show us what this freedom has allowed him to produce through a new teaser website.

Over at swordorwhip.com, you can vote for either a sword or a whip while a pixelized IGA talks and swishes a wine glass on an oddly familiar throne. While at first it may seem like a simple voting site at first, you can discover a bit more with continued interaction through voting. Of note, one response I was able to get mentioned that “there will be other weapons, of course. When I trust you with them.”, hinting at things to come. Of course, I was also nicknamed “Orobas the Oafish”, so it’s hard to say for sure what everything means.

No matter what it all means, it definitely has me hyped for whatever comes next. After the extremely radical departure that was Lords of  Shadow, I’ve been urging for a more traditional Castlevania experience. The phrase seen in the header image makes me think that my urge will be more than satisfied by whatever IGA reveals.

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