Iron Galaxy recently streamed an announcement show to cover news for the future of Divekick. First Dave Lang and Adam Keits revealed that the current gen (PS4/XBONE) versions of Divekick are being worked on. They won’t support crossbuy for PS3/Vita purchases but the PS4 version will be able to play with those consoles. There will also be “at least one new stage and at least one new character” in the release, so I am very excited to see what will be new.

The crew went on to explain additions to the current game that will be put out with the Addition Edition patch. Full details can be found here. For example, Jefailey is “playable” now and The Baz has been completely revamped. These changes will be released as a free patch for all versions, will be included in the current gen versions, and should be out shortly after SoCal Regionals, which ends March 2nd.

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