2015 had one shining bright hope way off in the distance, warming our souls with that something big that was still on its way. The Wii U Legend of Zelda was first teased and shown at last year’s E3, and the indication seemed that it would be coming out late this year. As 2015 saw delays and an overall lackluster release schedule come together, we still knew a few games would be coming and a new Zelda was pretty special. Unfortunately, today, Nintendo producer Eiji Aonuma announced that Zelda would not be coming out in 2015, nor will it be showing at E3 this year. This was confirmed by a video posted by Nintendo of Europe.

This is still developing, but it does seem the Wii U and the game release schedule overall is really drying up for 2015. E3 will really have to blow me away to get me interested in the end of this year.

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