Behind closed doors, and in a daily show at E3, Microsoft is showing off the Xbox One’s new UI. With Windows 10 integration on the horizon it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that the Xbox would update with it. For now if you’re an Xbox user you’re familiar with the Windows phone/Windows 8 layout the Xbox One is equipped with. It’s a bit clunky, sluggish, slow, and just doesn’t show off what the Xbox One does well. The newest UI will be quicker, 50% quicker according to Phil Spencer, and focus more on friends, match making, and keeping you in the game you’re playing.

The main screen will focus more on games you’ve played recently and when you select your game it expands to show you achievements, announcements, and friend activity which is all very similar to what the PS4 already does. The focus really seems to be the ability to get you and your friends together to chat and play your games with less hassle. Also coming to the UI is Cortana, a digital assistant which should help voice commands on the system.

Number one with a bullet for my Xbox One UI wishlist is speed. Every movement has a slight delay which makes switching between a game and Netflix somewhat slow. I’m also hoping to see a better way to look through games and apps are already the hard drive as well as a better interface for downloading updates. And that store could really use some help. Nothing about that original UI can handle more than a few titles at a time which seems crazy knowing that a console will see hundreds of games, hundreds of apps, and thousands of TV shows, movies, and whatever else you’re trying to sell me.

Unfortunately the UI won’t update until this holiday, way after the Windows 10 launch on July 29th. The trailer they’re sharing look more like mock-ups and not actually footage but it does look pretty good.

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