A day for all those who think they’re funny but really aren’t. April Fools’ Day. For most of us this day is a cringe inducing volley of practical jokes and one upmanship that encourages locking the front door and speaking to no one for 24 hours. Thankfully the video game industry has taken it upon themselves to create more lighthearted, ridiculous, and obvious jokes for all of us to partake in. This is the best of 2015’s jokes, pranks, farces, puns, gags, tricks, wisecracks, and general tomfoolery.



Looking for a side of love with your World of Warcraft? Blizzard has just the quest for you. With this new quest you can give one of your in-game followers their own TINDR device. They will then spend hours culling through countless images of the sexy singles in their area in hopes of finding true love. Like with most April Fools’ jokes Blizzard’s tend to have an air of possibility. At one time the Panda Brewmaster was a joke that simply became popular and eventually found itself as a real live update. So maybe soon you’ll really get to decide if you’re a blood elf or a night elf kind of person.

Dying Light, the free roaming zombie game, decided to give the power to the players on April Fools’. Super punches, powerful kicks, and zombie launching slide tackles are all included in a game update for a 24 hour period. You can run around the zombie infested city with no fear and only your bare hands for weapons.

SUPER. HOT. SUPER. HOT. SUPER. HOT. The game with the greatest title to say out loud especially in public when no one around knows what Super Hot really is is going old school. Super Hot and Quake are conjoining together in the a completely real game you can play right now. Now back to growing my hair out like John Romero.

Finally, I can put my electronics into water without fear! Playstation’s Flow is like swimming in real life but in a video game. You get to experience the feel of the water and the lack of oxygen you could only get by actually swimming. This completely fake device would have you strapping on bicep sensors and goggles while your game is paused at a swimming/underwater sequence in order to swim for them. Of course Sony steals away all the ha-ha’s by updating this story to ensure those without calendars that this is, indeed, a joke.



The publisher of Cities: Skylines decided to up the annoyance ante. While the game may be receiving high praise from most people, it doesn’t mean every feature was beloved. The in-game fake Twitter feed, called Chirpy, couldn’t be shut off or closed out, which became pretty annoying to a lot of users. Thankfully Paradox has just the remedy, Chirpy for everyone! Paradox released a series of screenshots showing off Chirpy in Crusader Kings 2 and Hearts of Iron 3. Finally, I’ll get updates for when my medieval wife is planning to usurp my throne.


I haven’t been this interested in big head mode since Goldeneye for the N64. In Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard’s upcoming Moba which is currently in closed beta, you can now select your triumphant hero and gaze at their big shiny head. The blog about this update uses words like “chibi” and “kawaii”, which I can only take to mean super serious and badass. Never have I been more interested in Heroes of the Storm than right this very second.

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