Welcome to Gamesline! For those of you who have followed us for a while, you may be asking why we changed the name and our look. Video Game Choo Choo is over ten years old, and while we were glad to serve up our writing and podcasts under that name, it was a name that did not have a lot of strength to it and came from a different time,  which we felt that it cheapened our message as the years have gone on. We hope the new look and new name will make you as excited as we are to put new stuff out into the wild. 

However, a fresh new coat of paint does not mean we have changed.

What should you expect from us now? A renewed vigor to produce writing, for starters. Our back-end has never been easier to use, and to let you get a peek behind the curtain, we are all relieved to no longer have to wrestle with posting as much. Also, hey, the site should be more stable! No more having to refresh six times, plus mobile reading should be a cinch. Our articles will have a better population around the site, so related articles, podcasts, and videos will now be found under each post you read. Overall, this is now a modern website, and we’re excited to use these tools to bring you modern pieces for you to enjoy.

We truly appreciate you checking us out, whether you’ve been here since the days when we had that scary trainman or if you’re hopping on board now. Either way, thank you for all the support, and if you really like what we do, consider subscribing to our Patreon. The funds from that go directly into paying off the site’s revamp plus other updates that are on the way. The more we get, the more effort we can put into the site! Thanks, and let’s keep riding the line together.

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John Michonski is Gamesline’s Editor in Chief. He’s a fun man who likes to do good.

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