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Boy, I hope you wacky kids enjoyed the first part of Video Game Choo Choo’s Game of the Year awards! This is a paragraph I’m writing so there’s a buffer between the podcast links and the awards because I know some people like to listen to the podcast discussions before they check out the awards! Today, we’ve got John Michonski’s Top 10 list in case you’re curious where Divekick ended up! And our Masked Chum also put together a list for us as well!

Is this enough of a buffer? Yeah? Great. Let’s get down to the awards!

Best Use of 4: The DualShock 4 (Runner-up: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag)


The Best Use of 4 Award is given to a thing with ‘4’ on the end of it that is the most improved from whatever thing came before with ‘3’ on the end of it. So clearly, this award belongs to the DualShock 4. Video Game Choo Choo as an organization doesn’t like the DualShock 3 very much, so the DualShock 4 feels like a revelation. It fixed nearly every fault its predecessor had, and is the cherry atop the delicious ice cream sundae that is the PlayStation 4.

Best Multiplayer: Divekick (Runner-up: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag)


The best part of Divekick is the tension. It cuts to the best part of any fighting game match; when it’s right down to the wire, and one hit can end it all. The simplicity of the controls mean just about anyone can pick this game up. Put Divekick on at a party, and within minutes you’ve got a bunch of people excited about a game where you’re only allowed to use two buttons.

Best New Mechanic: Zandatsu from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (Runner-up: Crosswire from Gunpoint)


It’s not a mechanic that fits the story or informs the characters, but Zandatsu totally fits the overall tone of Revengeance. You can slice evil cyborg police officers into hundreds of pieces, reach into their bodies, grab their Glowing Future Spine™, crush it with your hand, and absorb their energy. How is that not the coolest thing?!

Best Moment, Scene, or Level: The Final Trial from Ace Attorney 5 (Runner-up: Coming Home from Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons)


The Ace Attorney series is famous for twists, and the fifth entry is no pushover. Without spoiling anything, the Phantom storyline comes to a head incredibly, and there has never been such an ominous looming threat in this series since Shelly de Killer was introduced. Ace Attorney 5 wasn’t the best game in the series — that award goes to the third game — but it ends on such a high note. I’m already waiting for Ace Attorney 6 with baited breath.

Most Disappointing Game: Poker Night 2 (Runner-up: Castlevania Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate)


Poker Night at the Inventory wasn’t the best poker simulator ever, but it had great characters and some really funny writing. When Telltale announced Poker Night 2, everyone was excited. And then you actually played the game. The characters don’t mesh very well, and very few of the jokes managed to hit their mark. The Ash Williams impostor was borderline insulting, GladOS wasn’t properly used, and Telltale brought over Annoying Claptrap instead of Pathetic Claptrap. At least it has Omaha?

Best Game Not Released in 2013 That We All Played in 2013: Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed (Runner-up: Barkley Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden)


Any modern video game with Sonic in the title doesn’t deserve to be this fun. But it really is! Sonic and All Stars Racing: Transformed sets a new high for kart racers, and the PC version (which was released in 2013 and if technicalities didn’t stand in the way, would’ve been argued to be put on the top ten list) continues to be supported with new characters and stages to this day. Sure, we don’t have Hatsune Miku yet, but Transformed has tight controls, a great soundtrack, and hilariously dumb characters that keep us coming back for one more race.

Best Episodic Thing That Will Be Eligible For 2014 GOTY: The Walking Dead Season 2 (Runner-up: Kentucky Route Zero)


As Mike said in his review, the first season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead was one hell of an opener for the franchise. And guess what? They absolutely knocked it out of the park. Giving the player control of Clementine turned out to be a really smart move, and the character writing is still fantastic. It’s a stronger opener than the previous season’s first installment, and is perhaps the most exciting first episode of an episodic game released in 2013. Which is why it won this award!

That’s Part Two all wrapped up! Again, you can check out the previous day’s award winners here, Steven’s Top 10 list here, John’s Top 10 list here, Friend of the Chooch Andrew Clare’s Top 10 list here, and our Masked Chum’s Top 10 list here! Tune in tomorrow for Worst Burning Pile of Trash and Video Game Choo Choo’s first ever Game of the Year! Excitement!

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