It’s August, and that means that it’s Guest Month on Chooch! We kick things off with ZEAL’s Aevee Bee, who joins John, Lauren and Devin for a lengthy conversation about writing, her inspirations, teaching and tons more! Plus, the gang tackles the latest news, some seagulls show up, Devin melts steel beams, and John Michonski has a depressing relationship with amiibo.

Follow Aevee on Twitter @MammonMachine, or on @Patreon. Follow us on Twitter @VGChooChoo, @JohnMichonski, @Lauren_Boley, & @BboyMaestro.

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Niall is the last remaining emo kid and can usually be found hiding from Michael Myers in Dead by Daylight or waiting in vain for fights in DOA6.

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