We’ve recovered from all of our Game of the Year shenanigans which means it’s time for another episode of the Video Game Choo Choo Podcast. This week, Scott is joined by Franny and Maverick to talk about all those behind the scenes GOTY shenanigans and everything else in gaming this week. Scott’s been dooming out in My House dot wad and Resident Evil 4 while Maverick played a bunch of Like a Dragon: Ishin and Ridge Racer Type 4. Meanwhile, Franny’s been digging into Season, Destiny 2: Lightfall, and A Space for the Unbound. In the news, we touch on Tax Heaven 3000, the visual novel that did your taxes, A dark and mature Ninja Turtles game being on the way, the Gollum Game coming in May, Counterstrike 2 being a real thing, and the Super Mario Brothers movie doing a collaboration with Lush.

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