It’s a full crew this week as Lorelai, Solon, and Maverick sit down with Scott to talk about all the fun they’ve been having this week. Solon’s been living his lawn perfect lifestyle with Lawn Mowing Simulator and Maverick’s been playing Sleeping Dogs. Scott finally finished the super hard Inscryption challenge and then had some time with Norco and Pathologic 2. Lorelai’s been digging into a lot with Rogue Legacy 2, Live A Live, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and has been working her weekend in Final Fantasy XIV‘s in game convention LunarCon.

In the news, Roblox is now oofless, Meta is jacking up it’s prices, you can’t see John Cena in Fortnite, and Rockstar Games seems to be cleaning up it’s act in regards to it’s workplace culture. I guess Grand Theft Auto 6 is a thing now too. In other workplace news, Vox media sucks and is laying off employees. Scott then goes deep into the week of weird Nier church videos and everything around that.

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