John, Solon and Maverick are here to talk about what they’ve been playing and all the news of the week. John’s been digging into Xenoblade Chronicles again and Mega Man: Battle Network when he’s got the spare time. Mav’s been having some good monkey time with Monster Hunter: Rise and Solon’s been going hard at Neon White when he’s not digging into A.I. The Somnium Files: nirvanA Initiative.

In the news Nintendo of Japan is supporting it’s queer employees and bought Dynamo Pictures.  The Metal Gear games that had to be taken down due to right’s issues are coming back, and Kirby’s Dream Buffet is on the way. Multiversus is coming soon and just so you’re not confused, Rumbleverse is too, and they are not the same game.  Unity is partnering with everyone’s favorite malware provider IronSource, GameStop launched their NFT collections, and the new Skate is a free to play live service game. In October we’re getting both a new Genesis Mini as well as Bayonetta 3. We cap it all off by diving into your questions.

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