John’s not allowed to talk about what he’s been playing this week so it’s up to Rose and Spencer to talk about a huge amount of games. When he’s not playing Arknights Spencer has been deep in the MMO raid hole with Final Fantasy XIV and Destiny 2 while losing himself offline in the world of the Dishonored duology. Rose played a bit of Boyfriend Dungeon, Splitgate and Axiom Verge 2 when she wasn’t playing NEO: The World Ends With You and Sekiro. The crew also take some time to talk about that WarioWare: Get it Together! Demo.

It’s a big news week with Jack-O coming to Guilty Gear Strive, a surprisingly good Quake remaster, the 973,426th rerelease of Skyrim, now for the new generation, and Halo Infinite not getting it’s co-op campaign and forge mode until after launch. The team also goes over the Pokémon Presents presentation as well as the new Fortnite game mode that is totally just Among Us; right down to it’s map layout.

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