It’s been a tough week and many of us are now Homestuck so join us, for a long podcast. Solon travelled to PAX East, and the whole cast has opinions about the Final Fantasy VII Demo. Elvie had some bad experiences with Dragon Quest of the Stars, and Chris is very opinionated this week about everything from Richter Belmont, to Suikoden and Musou. John played the new game by Team Ladybug, Record of Lodoss War, and the gang has some cursed ideas for new Metroidvanias. We go over the many events being affected by the coronavirus outbreak, and how you can help out artists and communities currently left out cold by it. Yu-gi-oh cards are cheap now, John has a rival, and Blader Ken is the man.

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Walker is a bilingual Punk living in Mexico. When they are not getting stomped on in a mosh pit, they are online getting stomped on in BlazBlue.

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