John is out this week so there are no rules! Rose leads the gang into 2 hours of misbehaving and tells us that Cubeworld has finally been released to millions of adoring fans. Scott breaks a protagonist’s heart and Spencer gives an insightful look into the way that fan communities retrospectively decide to apply their newly acquired critical lenses.

Scott has been playing Remnant, and Rose has been playing Monster Hunter: Iceborne and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call. Elvie explains that Later Alligator has some master animators. Sherlock Holmes is like a pizzeria that’s a front for the mob, and then the gang follows Mario into Gacha Hell before descending into even more wretched depths with the KFC visual novel.

With John unable to keep him from the gates Glee Anon breaks through and into the show once more and then we talk our favourite consumable items.

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