We’re all caught up! Finally, after some delay, the URW crew has watched Redline, and have mostly great things to say about it! The gang muses about its art, music, and general badass mood, cruisin’ down the track all the way! Plus, we wrap up Spring season as Maverick fills the Yurucamp void with 300 years of Slimes and Megaloboxes to the final championship, John chats about the high highs of Oddtaxi and the low lows of Wonder Egg’s new finale, Rose gets confused about why TWEWY and Spider-isekai happened the way they did, and Elvie rushes through Higehiro to chart out the ravages of COVID that the mug anime seems to show.

Our opening is “Yellow Line” and the ending is “Redline Day”, both from Redline’s OST.

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