Update: Ubisoft has dropped some more information about what could be filling up 2016 for them. For one they confirmed that 2016 will be a full year of releases for them including Watch Dogs 2, which will be released before April 2017. Why such a vague date? Fiscal years and taxes. They’re speaking in business terms to ensure investors not to abandon the company until 2017. Essentially they’re saying Ubisoft will stay be making money between now and the next Assassin’s Creed.

Ubisoft also confirmed that a new AAA IP would be coming calling it a “strong digital live service offer.” I have no clue what that’s supposed to mean but it’d make sense to buoy a non-AC year with yet another title just in case Watch Dogs 2 doesn’t sell well. My guess is E3 will have a lot of dates and reveals for Ubisoft and by Christmas of this year you’ll be hacking your way around San Francisco in Watch Dogs 2.

Original Story: Whelp, the rumors were true. Assassin’s Creed, Ubisoft’s annual open-world franchise, won’t have its typical installment this year. Ubisoft announced in a blog post that they will be taking the year off to help refocus and “re-examine the Assassin’s Creed franchise.” If all the rumors are true then the next Assassin’s Creed game will be set in Egypt and was delayed after the lackluster reception of AC: Unity. There was no official announcement about what could replace the tent pole franchise at the end of this year but speculation says Watch Dogs 2 could be ready for release.

This makes sense for the Assassin’s Creed franchise. We’ve seen annualized series fall by the way side trying to meet their yearly release window. If Ubisoft can replace their beloved franchise with something else and still rake in some cash then there’s no reason not to make the game better.

I guess if you’re a hardcore fan you still have that Assassin’s Creed movie to look forward to.



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