Update: After hours upon hours of staring at the same image Ubisoft finally revealed the game we all already knew was coming, Far Cry Primal. However the reveal was a bit different than we guessed. Ubisoft is saying Primal will be a “full fledged single player experience”, which implies this may an on-disc edition. The game is set to release in February of next year and on PC in March. I have to imagine Blood Dragon did well enough that an on-disc product must make the best sense. Doesn’t hurt to have another product on shelves during a traditionally sparse time of year. Check out the reveal trailer and the original story below:

Original Story: After spending way too much time staring at a cave painting image on Ubisoft’s Youtube page we finally learned about their new game. The pre-reveal stream slowly backed out on one image that included cavemen with bows and arrows, spears, and torches. In the background was a crackling fire and some eerie music intermingled with some strange moans and screams. Rumors were abound that this would be the next Far Cry game after some information about a prehistoric entry in that franchise would happen earlier this year. This would make more sense if something like Blood Dragon was coming our way. A smaller spin-off based on the major, numbered, entry in the series.

After a lot of waiting we started seeing some leaks. Ubisoft Switzerland tweeted out a small teaser video showing more of the image before the live stream could back out that far. It revealed some mammoths, saber-tooth tigers, and a very large bear. Later on IGN Turkey accidentally tweeted the reveal announcement but quickly deleted. Luckily the name remained and Far Cry Primal was confirmed.

Not much else is known at the moment but I suspect once Ubisoft’s livestream is finally done we’ll probably have a tease trailer of some sort. Considering this game doesn’t have a numbered title I think it’s safe to assume Primal will be a downloadable title and will fill the gap between now and Far Cry 5.

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