After months of leaks Ubisoft has officially announced that Assassins’s Creed: Syndicate will come out October 23rd for PS4 and Xbox One with a PC release later on. The game will be set in 1868 London, and follows a pair of playable siblings sister named Evie and Jacob Frye. Evie Frye in particular will be the first playable female character in the main series, despite Ubisoft once insisting they were too hard to make, and will also feature female antagonists.

Syndicate takes out the multiplayer that we’ve seen with previous iterations of Assassin’s Creed but does promise a tweaked stealth system which will have you using the environment more and groups of people less.  The game also brings back two features left out of Assassin’s Creed: Unity: the distracting whistle and the ability to recruit allies. Since Jacob and Evie are the head of a gang it makes sense to have followers roaming the London streets with you.

Even with some of the older features returning and the slight dedication towards stealth I’m still not sold on a new Assassin’s Creed. Hijacking carriages and hanging out with Charles Dickens, both confirmed in the game, wasn’t what I was hoping for. Maybe Ubisoft learned their lesson with Unity but I’ll stay apprehensive.

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