The internet is an amazing place. Well, okay, we all know that’s the opposite of reality, but it’s still nice to think that sometimes, isn’t it? Meeting new people, exploring new possibilities, having a good time, etc.. Although Choochagatari was where I popped up the most on this glorious site, I still had a blast doing all of those things and getting to know everyone better. Which is why I unfortunately have to say that after almost a year and a half being here, I must depart.

Alas! My reasons for doing so are very personal, but I nonetheless hope you understand. Being here has shown me that VGCC really is not just one of my favorite video game sites on the web, but one of my fav video game communities as well, and the people I’ve met and interacted with through here, both staff and fans of VGCC, are wonderful. I’ll always treasure the site, and continue cheering it on! You can find me on the website currently known as Twitter, and of course in The Game Zone (Dot Zone!). Stay strong, remember that Mahiru Koizumi just wants you to smile, and as a wise man once said, we all “live and die by the meme”.

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