Following on from the game’s somewhat dubious leaking a few weeks ago, Activision made it official today, announcing that Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 was in development, and set for release later this year on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and 360. The game is being developed by Robomodo – the people responsible for Tony Hawk HD, and, more worryingly, Ride and Shred.

It sounds as if the game is aiming to be a throwback to the good ol’ days of the series; though early information courtesy of Game Informer seems to suggest that there’ll be a few new additions, namely power-ups and the ability to shoot projectiles in at least one section of the game. The game is also set to feature a Skate-esque online mode, allowing players to level up and progress online or off, presumably with the same drop-in, drop-out technology Skate 3 utilized. The game borrows further from it’s EA counterpart with the addition of a skate park editor, which players can then share with others.

While I’m stoked to have another new skating game to play this year following OlliOlli 2, I’m not sure how well the old formula will have aged. It’s safe to say that the game is going to be going in the polar opposite direction to EA’s considerably more realistic Skate series – especially given the addition of power-ups and projectiles – but it would be wise for Robomoto to incorporate a more modern open world and remove the old two minute time limit, or the game could feel downright archaic when it comes out. Fingers crossed that this time Robomoto gets it right.

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