Respawn has confirmed they’re making a Titanfall 2. It’s still a bit too early to say if the original Titanfall will be remembered as just another first-person shooter but with mechs or a small but meaningful evolution for the common “left trigger, right trigger” type of game. Respawn isn’t waiting for history to have it’s say, and instead is already developing a sequel according to EA and Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella. Not much else is known, which isn’t too shocking considering how early along it is. Zampella did mention how he was happy with the original’s multiplayer only focus, not confirming any kind of single player for the sequel, but the big news was that Titanfall 2 is confirmed to be multiplatform.

The original Titanfall did pretty well for an new franchise, and seeing it spread to PS4 should up the sales numbers. Hopefully the sequel leaves the last generation of hardware behind and can use the full power of the current generation. While Titanfall didn’t set the world of first-person shooters on fire, it did tighten up the relationship between player controls and interaction with a multiplayer world. We’re already seeing its possible impact on games in COD: Advanded Warfare and the upcoming Halo 5. Movement is now as important as “gun feel”. Will Respawn strive to continue leading the FPS pack or will Titanfall 2 just be another grey pallet bullet fest?

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