A car horn blares. Somewhere electronic pop plays over a speaker. A door handle turns. A shotgun blasts. What takes root far beneath the busy streets of Intercession? Join us for part 1 of the finale of The Route.

I’ll be honest Timeless, I don’t know what to think. Me and Dusk go way back. I trust her like I trust my right arm to move when I need it. Her group, ROOT is…eccentric, in their tactics, in their motives, in their backgrounds. Sometimes that’s what we need. They showed up at our doorstep last month with a whole community of weirdo exiles that I don’t think another squad could’ve recruited. Sometimes though, they’re a bigger risk than we can afford to take. Dusk is at a crossroads. This whole fucking city is. They just don’t know it yet. So let’s keep trying to take them down the right path, yea?

In arms, Romeo

P.S. Did you see that reimbursement form I sent up? Just checking.

The Route is our Actual Play podcast, playing through a campaign of The Sprawl. You can get episodes a week early by subscribing to our Patreon at patreon.com/vgcc! Reminder that you can follow the site on twitter @VGChooChoo, our GM Janie @jjaffew, Rose @horngal, Scott @scottblah, Niall, and Solon @Solonface. Cover art and theme music by Janie. If you like the music you can download it for PWYW at janiejw.bandcamp.com. Thanks!

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