ROOT talks their way through the Harbor headquarters in an attempt to secure the solar tap. Dusk looks intimidating. Ken calls in backup. Fleet’s past finds him. Star finds time and space for an emotional connection.

FROM: Zenlive Talent Management Division
TO: Remembered Plea

Dear Remembered Plea!
Thank you SO MUCH for contributing to ZenLive entertainment! Content creators make this platform succeed!
Unforutnately, due to some unsanctioned political content within your recent videos, your account has been flagged for review.
After careful moderation, we have decided to issue you a permanent ban from the platform. You may not appeal this decision.
Please return your Zenergy issued cybernetics to your nearest ZenLive office.
Thank you!
The ZenLive Talent Management Team

Fuck you all to hell.

The Route is our Actual Play podcast, playing through a campaign of The Sprawl. You can get episodes a week early by subscribing to our patreon at! Reminder that you can follow the site on twitter @VGChooChoo, our GM Janie @jjaffew, Rose @horngal, Scott @socksbloodborne, Niall @yourpalniall, and Solon @Solonface. Cover art and theme music by Janie. If you like the music you can download it for PWYW at Thanks!

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