It’s time for another episode of the Gamesline Podcast. This week, John is joined by Lorelai to talk about the week in news and games they’ve been playing. John’s been playing a lot of Pokémon romhacks and Ham-Hams Unite on his Analogue Pocket while Lorelai became an Ultimate Legend by the way in Final Fantasy XIV. That’s not all she’s played, she’s been digging into Octopath Traveler 2, both the PC and PS5 versions of Coral Island, and has fallen completely in love with Witchspring R.

In the news, the Intellivision Amico has no money, Gamemaker has become free for non-commercial games, Naruto X Boruto getting an AI dub, and Virtua Fighter 3TB is getting an online featured port for Japanese arcades. We also go over all the new unhinged behavior of South Korean Incels desperately attacking every woman they can in the games industry over there.

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Edited by Lorelai

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