This week’s bulletin overall has some surprises, so buckle in!

First off, Iron Galaxy Studios has announced that Rumbleverse will be shuttering its servers at the end of the month. The melee-based wrestling-inspired battle royale was truly a shakeup to the system between its multiple beta tests that took into consideration the player requests and the inclusion of various moves and items, including a whole keyblade. There was much fun to be had, and in a final offering back to its community the Rumbleverse battle pass is free to everyone with all items unlocked as of what the game had planned. Head over to Grapital City while you still can, but still keep some hope in your heart as Iron Galaxy might have future plans for this series in whatever form it may have.

On the trend of virtual closings happening this week, Knockout City announces that it will shut its servers down on June 6th.  The dodgeball battle royale game saw similar excitement in its initial beta and, while disheartening to see, the game will be seeing some form of postmortem existence in the form of a private hosted server version of the game available for download on Windows PCs later this year. And if you thought EA related shutdowns would end there, Apex Legends Mobile and Battlefield Mobile will be shutting down this year. EA CEO Andrew cited multiple reasons for the shutdown from issues of immersion with the screen size to the inability of retaining casual audiences in a way that would feel justifiable given the teamwork mechanics inherent to each. There might be a chance for both mobile shooters to make a return, but for now you can expect Apex Legends Mobile to shut its servers down on May 1st at 4PM PST.

In brighter news, The Sims 4 releases an update that allows for more trans inclusive looks. Among inclusions like shapewear and hearing aids, this update also includes the usage of binders and inclusion of top surgery scars as a means to reflect the trans members of the player base in an effort to push diversity and inclusion.

But in more bummer news, EA and Respawn canceled a single-player game in the Apex/Titanfall universe this week. Follow up news has reported this wasn’t Titanfall 3, but all the same gamers are bummed at the fact that we can’t just get more of the product multiple people would enjoy.

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