Just when you thought the week was over—it’s not!

Actor Lance Reddick has passed away. Although primarily known for many of his on-screen roles, such as Cedric Daniels in The Wire, Charon in the John Wick franchise, and a recent portrayal of Albert Wesker in a 2022 Netflix series adaptation of Resident Evil, Reddick contributed his talents to various other mediums, such as providing his voice to the Destiny games series as the character Commander Zavala.

Disco Elysium has added a photo mode feature to the game called Collage Mode, which many have rushed to point out was announced in the midst of a lawsuit between ZA/UM’s original founders and the studio’s current leadership. Some reports are indicating that the dispute with former poducer Kaur Kender has officially settled, but there is argument that these reports are misleading and that the legal battle is not quite over yet.

Emmett Shear is stepping down as Twitch CEO. Dan Clancy will be taking over the role.

Meta is continuing to fall apart, and the predicted 10,000 layoffs that some analysts have foreseen has come to fruition. In the middle of restructuring, NFTs seem to no longer be a priority in Meta’s pipeline, in which many of these roles were tied to.

Meanwhile, Square Enix continues to insist NFTs are part of its future, releasing a new trailer for its NFT game, Symbiogenesis.

The FTC has fined Epic Games for what it has charged as misleading tactics to trick Fortnite players into making unintended purchases.

IO Interactive is expanding their horizons and opening up shop in Turkey.
That said, the region is still in the midst of reeling and recovering from a fatal earthquake.

Former Blizzard leaders have come together to form a new games studio called Magic Soup.

The UK government is increasing tax relief support for video games.

The next Guilty Gear Strive DLC character is Delilah and “Bedman?”, a pair that will function as a single unit.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is coming to Steam on April 6.

Everyone here is pretty hyped for the release of Dokapon Kingdom: Connect, and the game now officially has a release date for North America on May 9.

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