It’s been another weird, wild news week in the games industry. Let’s get right into it!

Remember how last week we mentioned Babylon’s Fall will be shutting down? In anticipation of its closure, some Gamestop stores have been giving away copies if you ask them nicely.

Beta testing for Dragon Ball: The Breakers is now open for the public. The game’s official worldwide release will be October 14, 2022.

Announcement Trailer for Dragon Ball: The Breakers

Twitch has updated two of their policies. One is regulating gambling streams, prohibiting the streaming of gambling websites not licensed in the US. Secondly, the streamer-site revenue split was changed from 70-30 to 50-50 for bigger streamers. They will also be running more ads on the site, even if the streamer disables midroll ads. Many streamers are already threatening to leave the site.

Among Us has launched a Hololive crossover, introducing costumes based on VTubers for your amogus to run around in. No word if the Pekora costume comes with a monkey.

Grand Theft Auto VI leaked. A hacker, allegedly the same one who recently hacked Uber, shared ninety pieces of leaked video, screenshots, and code from the long awaited game. Rockstar confirmed the leaks as genuine, and have said they come from an early version of the title. A suspect behind the hacking has been apprehended.

The first two Suikoden games are getting remastered. Announced at Tokyo Game Show, the PS1 classic JRPGs by Konami are getting up-rezzed and re-translated. They will launch for all major platforms in 2023.

New screenshots of the A Wonderful Life remake have been published. The screenshots stress the expected graphics overhaul and update, on top of what looks like the (what we feel) tragic yassification of some characters.

In celebration of the shared Undertale and Deltarune anniversary, an update on Deltarune’s future was posted by Toby Fox. The update showcased some new music and locales, plus launched Spamton’s Sweepstakes, a charity drive for Child’s Play that gave out very stupid prizes. It went on to raise over $322,000. The prizes were rewarded on a…very special livestream.

EVGA, one of the largest graphics card manufacturers, has both broken off their deal with Nvidia and backed out of the GPU business altogether. Nvidia is reportedly undercutting all other GPU makers by making their own, cheaper graphics cards to keep third parties like EVGA out of the loop.

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