It’s hard to beat the overwhelming of news and many announcements brought on by the Nintendo Direct last week, but it is another week in the games world where things continue on nonetheless.

Kritiqal has helped organize the Trans Witches are Witches games bundle on, comprising of various magic and/or magically-themed LGBTQ+ games, zines, and music.

Writer Caroline Delbert has been organizing a compilation of all types of games that have magic or magical themes in them.

A group of European games professional have launched the Gamedev Fund, a fund that hopes to support local games makers.

A couple of episodic series are set to be produced based on the Roblox games Creatures of Sonaria and the Twilight Daycare Series. Wind Sun Sky Entertainment is set to create the adaptations with Productivity Media, an entertainment company based in Canada.

Dead Island 2 is apparently real, and is coming out much earlier than anticipated—despite the fact that its release was already delayed several times prior.

Ubisoft claims that they intend on being present at E3 2023. According to CEO Yves Guillemot, the company intends on attending in-person. Guillemot suggests that the company’s recent shakeups were simply the result of the overwhelming amount of projects that were being developed all at once.  Last month, Ubisoft Paris employees were calling for a strike against Guillemot for constantly shifting the blame of the company’s shortcomings.

A new trailer has been released for Apple TV+’s Tetris, a biopic loosely based on the legal battles that surrounded the game of the same name during the Cold War. The film stars Taron Egerton as Henk Rogers, one of the key figures behind securing Tetris’ distribution and licensing. Rogers today manages The Tetris Company.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki is stepping down from her position. Neal Mohan, the company’s current Chief Product Officer, will be rising up to take over Wojicicki’s position as the new CEO. Last week, YouTube contractors went on strike in protest against policy mandating that employees must return to the work in-person by the Alphabet company.

The Saami Council, a voluntary NGO made up of several Sámi member organizations representing various countries, is requesting that Square Enix remove a character costume that they allege is inspired by elements of Sámi traditional clothing.

Following allegations of sexual misconduct and predatory behavior, Hoyoverse has cut ties with voice actor Elliot Gindi. Gindi was voicing the character Tighnari in Genshin Impact. Hoyoverse will be reacasting the role due to what they official describe as Gindi’s “breach of conduct”.

Prepping for the game’s physical release, the Japanese edition of Cuphead will feature stunning artwork by Yoshitaka Amano that reinterprets the game’s cast in his signature artstyle for the DLC soundtrack.

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