Fans of influential cyberpunk hacker action-RPGs that aren’t Deus Ex can rejoice – System Shock is getting a remake. Developers of the game’s recent “enhanced edition,” Night Dive Studios, have acquired full rights to the System Shock franchise and are working with the game’s original concept artist to develop a new version of the 1994 classic.

Although most people are probably more familiar with the game’s sequel, System Shock 2 (and of course its underwater spiritual successor), the first System Shock is a majorly innovative game in its own right, and it’s nice to see such a classic finally getting its dues. No word yet on where the remake is in production or when we might expect it to come out, but no big rush.

Night Dive’s CEO Stephen Kick also mentioned the possibility of a real, honest-to-god System Shock 3, but that a game on that scale would require backing from outside publishers. Whatever happens, it’s great to know that this series has finally been pulled out of whatever legal limbo the rights had been lost in and gently nudged back into the limelight. According to Night Dive’s Twitter, they’ll be “revealing something soon,” so stay tuned for more details.

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