As the temperatures heat up we head inside to cool off in the air conditioning and play some games. Luckily Steam has your back with their annual Summer sale packed with discounts. Starting today and continuing on to June 21st you can check out Steam for a new slate of game discounts covering all sorts of titles. The sales will change every 24 hours or so, and as usual Steam also has flash sales which change every 12 hours, so it behooves you to check Steam at least a few times a day to see what’s discounted next. Also, as a tip, if a game isn’t as deeply discounted as you may have previously noticed then wait. It doesn’t hurt to not buy a game (unless you really want it) but it does hurt to hand over extra cash when you don’t have to.

Some picks from us at Chooch include XCOM, Tales From the Borderlands, Fez, Grand Theft Auto, Metro Redux, Witcher 2, Zeno Clash 2, and Darksiders. but we’re planning to reccomend a few more in the near future. There are plenty of others we haven’t even found yet, not to mention whatever else goes on sale later on, so dive in, buy some games, and let the summer truly begin!

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