Good news, fighting game fans! If you were planning on playing Street Fighter V on PS4 but didn’t want to drop another couple hundred bucks on a new fightstick, your old one will work! Not only that, but we know who the first DLC character will be, and when he’s showing up. Check out the official Street Fighter Twitter account’s posts below!

The news about fightsticks is a long time coming. This will allow for players to re-use sticks they purchased for the last generation of platforms, and opens up the scene to people who would otherwise not be able to keep up. Fightsticks are incredibly expensive, I know this because I’ve been looking at getting one specifically for SFV and…that’s not looking good right now. The technology for PS4/PS3 controller backwards compatability was originally designed by John “Cowboy” Bellomy for use in Skullgirls, and has since been used in other cross-generational games.

Alex joining the roster is only the first in this wave of DLC that includes Ibuki, Juri, Guile, Balrog, and Urien. Each character will release monthly, and can be purchased with either in-game currency or real money. Mind you, this is only season one of DLC, with future “expansions” planned for the forseeable future.

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