Steam workshop support has given mod creators and consumers an easier system to share and download popular PC mods. Games could have years of support from feverish fans, giving new players a sudden wealth of content to add onto their game. Up until now, unless you were creating hats in Team Fortress 2 or Dota 2, all your mods were free. Now, however, Steam is allowing users to charge for whatever content they make and put up onto Steam workshop. The game developers must enable the feature for their games and the first game to do so is the ever popular Skyrim. This could mean modders could potentially support themselves through their talent and ingenuity in ways never thought possible before. But this also could be rife for abuse if not properly handled.

If you go and look through some of the Skyrim mods that now cost money, you’ll see a small variety so far, but what’s to stop someone from selling overpriced horse armor or weapon set. I want to support talented mod creators but I don’t want Steam workshop to look more like Steam Greenlight, filled with developers trying to cash in on phone and tablet ports rather than real, talented, and dedicated developers. How long before someone is charging for the “naked ladies of Skyrim” mod?

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