Yes, you read that correctly. After years of customer complaints and competitors like GOG out pacing them, Steam is now offering refunds. Starting today you can ask Steam for a refund on any game, DLC, pre-order, or bundle. The only caveat is that the game must have been purchased within fourteen days and can’t have been played for more than two hours. This also covers any in-game purchases for Valve developed titles, in case you ever regret that TF2 hat or all those ill-advised late night Dota 2 packs. For pre-orders you can get a refund at any time before the game’s release and the standard 14 days/2 hours played after the release.

This is a pretty great move, but it stands in stark contrast to their previous policy of shrugging their shoulders and ignoring you. Sites like GOG have been offering refunds for awhile now and would even have staff standing by to help you get a game working. It’s nice to see Steam and Valve advocating for the consumer over publishers and developers for once.

If you want to dive right in and ask for a refund you can so do at

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