Coming to PS4 and Xbox One this November 17th is the newest Star Wars Battlefront game from EA and DICE. The trailer and footage they’re showing at Star Wars Celebration really does seem like the game the original Battlefront games were trying to be, which is DICE’s Battlefield games. It will be a multiplayer focused game, of course, with some single or co-op missions, where you battle in forty player skirmishes around the Star Wars universe. Some of the locations seem very similar to anyone who’s played a Battlefront game before. The forest moon of Endor, the snow covered Hoth, and the scorching deserts of Tatooine all seem to be settings for your future battles. You can switch between first and third person views on the fly. Vehicle combat is set alongside foot soldiers and dog fights between X-Wings and TIE fighters is still possible. And you can step into the shoes of heroes and villains from Star Wars including Boba Fett and Darth Vader. The gameplay looks smooth and impressive and DICE promises sound quality akin to their Battlefield games, which should be amazing with all those iconic Star Wars sounds.

A lot seems to be held back from this trailer and announcement which isn’t too surprising. E3 is only a few months away and it still needs to show up on EA or Sony’s main stage to show off something new (probably live gameplay). It is still exciting knowing that DICE is fully behind a Battlefront game. Battlefront was always the “little brother” to Battlefiend. A wannabe, albeit a really good one. Watching the franchise grow up and become something a lot of fans always wanted it to be is thrilling.

Some of this does seem hard to believe. Battlefield 4 and Hardline weren’t exactly loved by their communities and reviewers alike. They did announce free DLC for owners of the game when Star Wars 7 is released in December which makes me believe the game has to be pretty close to done. Maybe that means we can have some confidence in the final product but I’ll wait until I see some gameplay before I start hitting the hype button.

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