I bet you’re wondering what we’re doing for Guest Month. I mean, I was too for a bit there, since I completely forgot about it until like a week ago. But after talking it over with the staff, I decided to let Guest Month freshen up for a month, so we’re not rushing. We’ll be doing Guest Month in August this year, but to make it up to you, I’d like to involve the community a bit more.

In the comments below, write some ideas on who you want us to get in contact with for an interview. Keep it reasonable. I’m not going to be able to get Phil Spencer or Hideki Kamiya, but I’m sure we could get in contact with some indie devs or other personalities! We can’t promise anything, of course, but I’d like to see who YOU think is interesting, and not base Guest Month on people only we want to talk to. It’d be a good challenge for us, and it’ll broaden our horizons.

You have all of July to get recommendations in, so take your time.

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  1. The two-person developer No Goblin, makers of Roundabout
    Anyone and everyone from Fullbright (Gone Home/Tacoma)
    Austin Walker of Giant Bomb!

  2. oh, austin walker would definitely be great! and this isn’t super specific, but hearing from indie developers is usually really interesting.

  3. Gotta get at least one queer games person on here, for variety. I’ve been fond of Aevee Bee’s (@mammonmachine) in the past so maybe get her on if she’s cool with that. Maybe Samantha Kalman if shes not busy? Also I’m always up for someone from GB be it Austin Walker or even Dan Ryckert just so yall can butt heads with him.