I am a twitter guy, a fan of pro wrestling, and @jasonalexander on Peach. I like Joanna Newsom, milo (the rapper), and The Mountain Goats. I’ve worked for 3 years in local journalism as a writer, web and managing editor. For 7 years, I’ve done freelance web design, audio and video editing. But you know what I love? You know what I REALLY love more than anything else? You know that one thing that when someone likes it you get super excited and you just wanna ask them anything but you hold back because it’s a major social faux pas?

The games.

I love those games dude. I LOVE those GAMES. I LOVE staying up all night playing something and not realizing that the time you said “ok I should set this down for now” the sun has already come up. I LOVE hopping into a multiplayer game with a new friend that you just met or you never really got time to hang out with. I. Love. Cartridges. I love them I really do.

I’ve done a lot of writing in the past and done some critical work that I’m proud of, but I’m so happy to be on Video Game Choo Choo to have a real platform for my work and to work with a really rad crew of people. I think you’ll like what I bring to the site. I hope you’ll like it? I hope you’ll like it.

You can follow me on twitter @socksmahoney, on tumblr, and you can listen to my comedy wrestling podcast Wrestling on Air with the boys at Wrestling on Earth.


About Scott

Scott B is a 28 year old proud sword owner and gamer of honor, desperately on the search for wife.

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