The second round of the Street Fighter V beta just recently ended, and already dataminers have gone into the PC version’s files and dug up what appears to be the rest of the roster and potential future DLC. A lot of this is speculation, considering that the character claims are being backed by shortened filenames, but a lot of this makes sense.

According to NeoGAF users Scrub Mcgrubb and Xpliskin, the rest of SFV’s roster may include Dhalsim, Balrog (boxer), Alex, Juri, Ibuki, Urien, Guile, and two newcomers. One of the newcomers may be “Zen”, an Indian character who has been discussed in previous leaks around the net. Some of these characters may be background decoration or future DLC, as Alex has been spotted in the New York stage, but Ono has been on record saying he will “take into account” fan’s love of Alex.

Paris Games Week is coming up fast, so another character announcement may be just around the corner. We’ll see how this all lines up in the coming weeks.

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