Rumors continue to flow like soda out of a fountain. Remember that these are nothing but rumors. That means we have no way in knowing if this stuff is true, false, tralse, or something else. Take all of this with a grain of salt.

Universal Building a Standalone NintendoLand:

You may have heard that Nintendo and Universal made a deal that would allow Nintendo properties appear in Universal theme parks. Universal theme parks were already prepping to lose the Marvel license to Disney and replacing all those rides with Mario and Link sounded plenty plausible. But then we caught whiff of this rumor, and suddenly this Universal/Nintendo deal got even better.

According to, Universal is currently acquiring land near their current parks, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, in hopes of building a third theme park dedicated to video games. Nintendo would of course be featured in the new park but would also have rides in the original parks similar to how Harry Potter is split up. The site says they’ve heard about a Mario Kart ride as well as Pokemon and Zelda themed additions. Nintendo wouldn’t be the standalone contributor to the new park either. World of Warcraft would be another major add on to the new park and would make this a very fun place to visit. If these rumors somehow are true, we will still have to wait awhile to get to enjoy them. Theme parks take years, sometimes close to a decade, to finish and this new NintendoLand wouldn’t open up until 2021. That’s a long wait just to throw a some red shells at friends and tourists.

Mass Effect 3 Ruined Half Life:

Half Life 3 is supposedly in development, but it may never be released, and it may be Mass Effect 3‘s fault. Right now Valve is developing Half Life 3 with about ten people. This isn’t because the game has just gotten underway, in fact just the opposite. Not only is the game already planned out and written, according to the guys over at The Know Valve was working on Half Life 3 way back in 2009 but after the backlash against Mass Effect 3‘s story, Valve began rearranging resources. These resources produced titles like Left 4 Dead 2, Portal 2, and Dota 2 and ever since then Valve’s financial situation has become pretty incredible. With so much money coming in through free-to-play games like Dota, Team Fortress 2, and Counter Strike: GO there isn’t much of a business reason to go back and put resources into Half Life 3 again. Especially if all that hard work would only anger long time fans who think the game wasn’t finished “correctly”.

Their source continues to emphasize that the current gaming culture is pretty toxic going so far to say, “Sadly, most people are shitheads.”. This attitude kind of makes sense. We’ve seen some scary stuff on the internet in just the past year or two and the sheer fervor around Valve, Steam, and Half Life 3 would cause an insane reaction to the game’s release. And any sense that the game didn’t do something “right” or simply didn’t live up to the immense hype would certainly result in some upset fans.

Now this doesn’t mean Half Life 3 will never be released. Valve wouldn’t be developing a game they knew would never come out, so probably one day it will.


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