Mewtwo’s Smash 4 update not only added the famous psychic type Pokemon and balanced the original cast, it also subtly added new victory themes for characters that haven’t been added yet, two of which haven’t been revealed at all.

Reddit user shinyquagsire23 has unearthed a few audio files in the game’s code. Take this all with a grain of salt, as they could’ve been put in on accident or an unfinished something-or-other may be involved, but for now, here’s what was found: A victory theme labeled “Roy” that plays the Fire Emblem victory theme, A victory theme and stage theme labeled “Ryu”. The stage theme is Ryu’s stage music from Street Fighter 2, unedited. Lucas’ victory theme is also in the code as well, but that’s not too hard to fathom, as it’s Ness’ victory theme as well.

shinyquagsire then goes on to report that he found more songs, which seem to line up with the return of Smash 64’s Dream Land. More past stages being added as DLC in the future is an exciting concept. Where’s Saffron?

I wasn’t going to report on this until it was confirmed, but The Cutting Room Floor, experts in the field of digging through game code, went in and found the tracks as well, so I think it’s safe to say that the red haired Hero of the Emblem and the Street Fighter himself are going to be joining the battle. I’d be a little upset if the Smash Ballot didn’t matter, but it’s also not a surprise. Either way, these two seem to be confirmed, and if we end up getting four characters and a few stages for DLC, that’s far more than I expected from the beginning.

Thanks to Shoryuken for the audio files.

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