I’m Rocky, Video Game Choo Choo’s new resident Resident Evil HD Reboot editor. Also Amplitude when it comes out, that’s MINE I CALLED IT-

So I’m currently a studying filmmaker and screenwriter down in Orange County, California, though I spend most of my time yelling about movies and video games (mainly Resident Evil 4 and at my parents). For the past 5+ years, I’ve been doing a whole lot of writing and goofing around on the internet, which is fancy wording for what’s essentially blogging. I’ve reviewed films and video games alike, and spent a lot of time talking with great people about such. The Chooch crowd is chief among these great people, as I’ve come to learn whilst getting to know them through their shenanigans on here, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. They’re good, hilarious, and talented folks. I’m so excited to be hopping on board, because I know how dedicated and passionate they are about what they do here. I’m hoping I can match it and help do some great things for this group, as well as alongside them.

My video game taste is pretty wide open nowadays, though I generally end up being a fan of action-RPG games with adventure, like Fallout 3 and New Vegas, or the aforementioned Resident Evil 4. Survival Horror is also a genre I’m down to explore and mess with. Also in its heyday, I was HEAVY on the Guitar Hero and Rock Band train. It got bad… still kind of is. As well, I’m never one to turn down a good ol’ first person shooter, no matter how tired it may be. Though recently, I’ve been loving the heck out of adventure games of the independent persuasion, or at least more story based. Jazzpunk, Gone Home, and in bigger fashion, the TellTale stuff of late like The Walking Dead have really caught my attention as pushing video games and storytelling in tandem in a very interesting direction.

Also, Amped 3 is a very important game to me and I need help.

In terms of being a filmmaker as well as a writer, I’ve noticed we live in the day and age of video essays. I don’t know which way this, ahem, train is going, but if John and fellow (probably more technically inclined) video person Niall are willing to try some more video stuff, I’ll be tagging along with them, hopefully.

Again, I’m so looking forward to the time I’ll get to spend here with John, Lauren, as well as the other really talented new hires I’m in line with. It should be a really good time. That’s why I’m paying them, at least. Wait, I didn’t say that-

About Rocky

Rocky Pajarito is a weird person and writer, as well as a lover of film and video games alike. Also, he plays the drums, just in case that’s important to anyone (call him).

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